Things My Mother Has Taught Me

In the UK, Mother’s Day is in March whereas in other countries it is in May. This year, it is the 26th March which is today, so I thought why not write a blog post on things my mom has taught me over the years. My mom is a very strong and independent individual who can do anything she puts her mind to.

Here are some of the things she has taught me:

  1. As cheesy as this sounds, honesty was something my mom always valued. She would tell my brothers and I, to always tell the truth or it will break apart the trust that was built there before.
  2. Be strong and confident so others will know that they can’t push you around.
  3. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I am sure this has come in helpful to some people once or twice.
  4. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person and apologise.
  5. Have the compassion to forgive because life is to short to be unhappy.
  6. Always try to be optimistic and find the positives in any situation.

As I am getting older, I have realised my mom is my rock and will always tell me the truth. I can count on her being there for me no matter the situation and tell me the right from the wrong. I know we can disagree sometimes but through it all, we come out stronger and better.

Always my mother, forever my friend.




Hey guys,

So this topic has been on my mind for a while. Maturity. How can the maturity of a person be defined? Everybody knows the quote, “Age doesn’t define maturity” and I absolutely agree but sometime the problem isn’t knowing if someone is mature but accepting the fact that they are mature.

I think maturity is an ongoing process. You don’t just wake up on your 18th birthday, and all of a sudden you are mature. Yes, when you are 18, you are legally an adult, but does that really make you mature?


I feel there are certain traits  when you mature and they are as follows:

  1. Take ownership and responsibility of your actions
  2. Control your emotions
  3. Have the ability to listen and evaluate other people’s opinion
  4. Accept negative feedback as a way to improve oneself
  5. Walk away from people who have a negative impact on your life
  6. Think of consequences before you act
  7. Know when to apologise
  8. Materialistic things make you smile but it doesn’t define happiness
  9. You take care of others but you also take care of yourself
  10. Learning that you can’t control everything, so you make the best of it


“We don’t mature through age. We mature in awareness.” – Byron Katie