50s Rock ‘n’ Roll Night

At Queen Margaret University, if you are studying Events Management, you get to plan your own event in second year. In the first semester, you and your group have to do a video presentation to pitch your idea to the professors. If your idea is feasible and viable then your pitch will progress further which means you will get to plan your event in second semester. Our team was called Unorthodox Events and our idea was a 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll Night!

As you are working in a group, there will be several disagreements however, the point of the exercise is to learn how to work in a group, how to effectively communicate and how to plan a successful event. As we always get told in class, as an employee in your future career you may need to work with someone who you do not get along with but you just have to get on with it and do the work effectively and efficiently.

Unorthodox Events chose to donate all our proceedings to the charity St. Columba’s Hospice.  St. Columba’s Hospice is a charity that works with patients and families of find out what matters the most to those who are close to their death. In essence, they help patients live out their last wishes and they provide care and support to not just the patient but the patients families as well all free of charge. They want to make the end days, weeks or months worth remembering for all those suffering not just physically but mentally as well. At our event, we were lucky enough to have Louise Stirton who is the Senior Fundraising Manager come and deliver a speech about the Hospice.



Our event was held at the Musselburgh Ravelston House Hotel which is situated about 10 minutes away from our university. Getting in touch with the venue was very difficult. However, they answered all our questions regarding the venue and the requirements that were needed. We picked this venue, for a few reasons: one it was very affordable, two it suited our theme better than other choices and three it suited our capacity, so the venue was not too big or too small.

17800243_1265852850200277_4230457479231288700_n.jpg         17795821_1265848643534031_8994545225110258511_n.jpg

17814277_1265853060200256_466555386296690370_o.jpg          17758550_1265850580200504_7947817140917972102_o.jpg


Entertainment wise, several members of our team members managed to find an Elvis Impersonator and then we found out that Elvis came with a friend called Ziggy! We also managed to find a DJ which was fantastic! My friend Mattia also volunteered to do make up on the night – you can find her on Facebook @Makeupbymattia. We also had temporary tattoos being done and had a Photo Booth! There was also an auction and a raffle! Overall, we had a lot of activities going on and according to the feedback, that was really good as people had lots of things they could choose to do!

17620239_1265851540200408_2629312507116494129_o.jpg          17814227_1265849390200623_504693633747699211_o.jpg

17553547_1265851160200446_4261045962743745757_n-1.jpg          17799014_1265850996867129_1583766832701755163_n.jpg

17800487_1265698500215712_7796246543408677261_n.jpg         17796172_1265854320200130_6666508323455446102_n.jpg


We had 50s themed sweets on the table as well as crisps and popcorn in jars which we used as table decor! One of our team members made 100 cupcakes for the night and we had burgers and fries brought out onto the buffet table. We also had sausages and cheese on cocktail sticks!

17798957_1265851950200367_6019292050931504771_n-1.jpg          17760011_1265850210200541_4689060998184668424_n-1.jpg


We could not have had a successful night without the help of our sponsors! Thank you to everyone who either sponsored us in money value or in vouchers and equipment! We really appreciated it! We raised over £1000 on the night which includes the money from the auction, raffle tickets and ticket sales!

17634347_1265850076867221_1410421520146618163_n.jpg         Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 16.48.57.png


“Unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!” – Mattie Stepanek


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